Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Simplifying Life!

So you move to the islands to relax right?

Not the Wiseman's!

We have since purchased a new home in Mahogany Run that is bigger, larger yard for our now FIVE dogs and a large pool with deck!

That means our old house is for sale in Estate Tabor and Harmony for a cool $439,000, that is less than the $485,000 we paid in 2009 and after $50,000 in renovations! The downstairs apartment is now rented out for $750/mo. At this point we would like to sell that home so we can invest some of the money into our current home.

The Sapphire Village Condo is also for sale for $159,000. It is rented at $1350/mo at present. It is just steps to the beach! I have put in a new tile floor and all new shower and tile in the bathroom! I would like to sell as I am not the best landlord and just want to free of tenants and repairs, etc.

Wahoo Boat Charters is for sale, it may seem like fun being a boat captain, but going to the same mooring ball everyday, same questions from the tourists, same way people treat your boat poorly and the amount of work it takes physically to run a boat was just too much, and later to find out that you spend more time at the pool, it is time to sell the boat!