Thursday, July 26, 2012

What To Do in the Virgin Islands - Norman Island, BVI

A couple of weeks ago we took the boat over to Norman Island, British Virgin Islands.

This island is off to the South East of St John. First you have to check into customs at Sopher's Hole on Tortola. Then it is about a 20 minute boat ride to Norman.

Our fist stop was to the Indians, a rock out cropping that has about 10-15 mooring balls. There is great snorkeling there.

Now off to Pirate's Bight, a great little restaurant on the north side of Norman Island. This place has a nice dock, with beach and covered dining area. They had great reggae music playing and service was good too.  They have a nice lunch menu with several items, Roti, mahi sandwich, burgers and I had the fish and chips which very good! They had clean bathrooms, and out back there was volleyball courts. Nice mellow place to go to!

Now it is off to the world famous Willy T's. This is an actual floating boat that is a bar and restaurant that is moored. You raft up to the boat or another boat that is rafted to the Willy T. We rafted up to a rental boat and the boat's captain who rented the boat from England was less than nice. She didn't have her boat properly tied up and when we rafted to her boat it caused some issues. Too bad she wasn't on island time?

Now depending on what type of crowd is on the boat, it can be almost like a frat party. It has loud music with a little dance floor and the bartenders prefer to serve the younger gals first, but you can always escape to the top where there are picnic tables and avoid the water ski shot area!

One of the traditions of the Willy T is to jump off the top back of the boat.

As always, time goes by fast and it was time to start heading back to St Thomas before dark. But not after first stopping off at Salt Pond on St John. Here we had happy hour cocktails and enjoyed floating around. What a great day trip!

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