Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kenny Chesney's New Album, "Life On a Rock"

Country music star Kenny Chesney has a new album coming out in April called Life On a Rock. From what he was quoted in a recent interview, the songs will reflect living on an island. 
Funny! A few things here:
1. Kenny Chesney owns two houses on St John (one is for sale). 
2. We always say we live on "The Rock" otherwise known as St Thomas. 
3. The video for "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem was filmed at Ivan's Stress Free Bar on Jost Van Dyke. The songs inspiration came from a sign in front of One Love Bar on Jost (see picture). 

"When I first went to the islands, I met a lot of people who were making a life beyond anything any of them knew... They were boatmen, bartenders, waitresses, real estate folks. They were all loving life, living a dream and coloring outside the lines with this real sense of freedom; they took a country singer from East Tennessee into their tribe at a time when having friends outside everything I knew was important. Time passes, life moves on, but those friends lasted, and this album in a lot of ways is about the power of that kind of friendship to endure."

Here is the link to his interview: interview

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