Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What To Do in the Virgin Islands - King of the Wing Festival

What to do when you are waiting for your broker's license? Go to the 3rd Annual King of the Wing Festival at Lindquist Beach! This event in its third year is held right behind the beach. We went two weeks ago. There must have been over 40 booths set up and the entire event is to benefit charity, a local orphanage here on St Thomas. You can buy tickets for $1/ wing or $20 buys 25 wings. We took turns going through wing village getting a sampling of wings to bring back to our camp chairs in the shade on the beach, mixed in with a cold beer while swimming! I was so inspired by the event that I bought a bag of wings at Cost U Less, and am going to make my own!

Our personal King of the Wings was the Jack Daniels, Mango and our favorite the chutney wings!

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  1. Wish I had been there but honestly I spent everyday at Smith Bay and hate to see so many people getting to know it...there were maybe 6-8 other people at the entire beach when I was there, plus the chickens and an odd duck....it was heaven !


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