Monday, June 4, 2012

What To Do In The Virgin Islands When....Part I

You are waiting for your real estate Broker's License.

When we moved all of our belongings down here a month ago, I made it a priority to submit my broker's license application. Three weeks later I received a letter that I had been approved to sit for the Broker Examination. Only problem with that is there was a dispute with the RE Commission and the testing company over the cost to the territory. The RE Commission has been looking for a new testing company, but we all know that means, "Island Time".

So what better way to spend our time, enjoying all that is here to enjoy! I haven't posted in a while as we had been getting unpacked and our house ready for our first guests from Reno, NV, Larry and Teresa.  Well we did do some sneaking away from domestic duties in preparation too. Larry was my Well & Pump specialist when I worked in Reno.

One of our favorite things to do was to go to Water Island's Honeymoon Beach on a Sunday afternoon for a Heidi Burger and Joe's Rum Shack.

Water Island is seperate from the main island of St Thomas and there is no bridge, just a water taxi. So many of the islands inhabitants drive golf carts. Well Heidi's is no exception, she has her portable hamburger stand!


The burgers are delicious and huge all for a decent price. When you come by boat you just park outside the swim area in front of Joe's, which has live music and sometimes a late afternoon pot luck!

As you know we have two Labrador retrievers, and they, you guessed it, love the water. So we found this beach called Vessup which is by a nice restaurant in Red Hook called Latitude 18. With a little help from Google Maps we found a road to this beach where we can drive our Toyota Tacoma on the beach with the dogs, which is perfect! Put the tailgate down and viola, a beach chair!

Of course we have been doing grocery shopping, and I will save the whole shopping experience for another post. But I had to throw this picture in for humor!

One of our all time favorite weekend excursions is to go over to the British Virgin Islands to Jost Van Dyke and visit White Beach, home of the Soggy Dollar Bar. This little island is about 8 miles away and from our porch we look out at this tropical paradise. From the photo below it is the island on the horizon toward the left.

We have been over here in the past and had the nice opportunity to go out on a friends boat!

When you get to JVD you have to check into customs in another harbor called Great Harbor at the police station. There you will fill out customs paperwork, pay your $15-$45 fee for the boat depending on the day and have your passport stamped? Yes, this is another country believe it or not!

Once that is accomplished it is off to one of the most beautiful beaches, White Bay. Soggy Dollar Bar gets its name for the reason that there is no dock in this bay and all the boaters have to swim to the bar. It is known for its rum drink, "Painkiller", which is dark rum 1/3 of the cup, pineapple juice, orange juice, creme de coconut. We started off with breakfast, otherwise known as a Bloody Mary.

Lunch is at Jewel's Snack Shack! She has the best burger on the island and is right down the beach from Soggy Dollar Bar. Jewel is originally from NYC, and has been living on JVD for about 11 years.

And of course the rest of the afternoon consists of a drink, swim, drink, swim, noted so much I put the sticker on our boat.

Then it is time to go back home and get the house ready for guests!

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