Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac - Update!

These meteorologists are just like the media, sensationalists. This storm was an utter joke, and they still have us under a tropical storm warning for heavy rains this afternoon. Anyone one with a brain can see on the satellite the storm’s back end is falling apart over Barbados. The only real voice was the meteorologist Rob Carolen on the Country Radio Station, 93.5 out of St Croix (and after doing some research and always wondering why the staff meteorologists on that station had Massachusetts's accents, they are an independent meteorologist company out of Nashua, NH were I went to college for 2 years, LOL, and he said on Tuesday morning there was no real concern for this storm and that it was going to flop as it went by us. This morning when he was being interviewed, he was like, see told ya so!

Adding to the sensationalism, our marina is still closed until Saturday or Sunday to see what happens with Joyce, which is not coming anywhere near us, which Rob Carolen also said this morning. Cry wolf too many times, you are going to have another New Orleans, where no one believes these forecasts. 35 MPH winds? One of the reasons we left N. Nevada was every day there were winds of 30+ MPH. As I am writing this, here comes a passing shower with a peak gust of 30 MPH.

Oh well, it was good emergency practice run, next time, I will listen to Rob Carolen and look at all the information myself and make a real judgement call.

Update at 7:00 PM AST  - Still no rain today, where is this Tropical Storm? We still have a Tropical Storm Warning in place, I guess for the winds? Right now peak gust is 12 MPH with avg of 7 MPH. This storm never materialized and let's hope it doesn't? After thinking today, this used to be same sensationalism when I lived in NJ, CO, ID, NV when there was a snow storm, 24 inches and the next day there would be 4 inches. I am a hoarder by nature after living for 8 years in N. NV and the nearest store was 45 mins away. So, in the future, I am going to forget the stress and roll with it. For those who know me and my sarcasm, I hope you are getting a laugh.

7:10 PM AST - Rain shower coming through, checked rain guage since the storm started, 1/2 inch, heck we get those all the time with a passing shower?

In parting, here is the forecast for Reno, NV, better issue a Tropical Storm Warning?

Tonight: Clear. Haze and areas of smoke. Lows 53 to 63. West winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph in the evening becoming light.

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