Saturday, August 11, 2012

What To Do in the Virgin Islands - Jost Van Dyke, BVI Foxy's

What to do in the Virgin Islands when you cannot get your real estate broker license as there is no exam available thanks to the USVI government? Well you get on your boat and go over to Jost Van Dyke, BVI with just your wife on a Friday. You see Shannon starts a new job on Monday, so we have been trying to get in some trips with just the two of us to explore places that the rest of the "crowd" doesn't seem to want to go to.

We are used to going over to Jost Van Dyke with friends here and it is usually the same routine, drop off at the customs dock in Great Harbor and then off to White Bay and Soggy Dollar Bar.

On this trip we decided to dock up at a bar in Great Harbor called Foxy's (  From the dock, Shannon walked down the white sand road to customs while I went and checked out the bar.

I got us two nice drinks that had the house rum, Foxy's Firewater. Shannon got back and we enjoyed two drinks while talking to our friendly bartender.

On our way to the gift shop, there was the owner of Foxy's, his name is Foxy and a legend in the area.

He was quite the character and looking good for being 73 years old, maybe the mystique of JVD? Regardless, he has a black lab that hangs out at the restaurant.

We asked him about the dog and if it was a Labrador. Foxy tells us this is no Lab, it is an Island Dog. What do you mean Foxy, this dog is definitely a Lab, he says, "nope Island Dog, do you want to know why?"
Of course I want to know and here was his response, there are 5 things that make this an Island Dog and not a lab:

1. He is black.
2. He lays around doing nothing all day.
3. He is always looking for a handout.
4. He doesn't know who his father is.
5. He doesn't know how many kids he has.

We got a kick out of that being Lab lovers!

He told us another joke, one that you would only understand if you lived on St Thomas.

What a nice way though to start your day off, and from now on when we go over to JVD on our boat, no more customs dock, it will be Foxy's dock for a drink to start the day!

The next place we were going to go to was Ivan's Stress Free Bar in White Bay. So we motored on over there and got up to shore where the bar was, problem, it looked like it was closed for the slow off season? There were no people around either, guess it would have been stress free? We decided to save that one when we can tell if they are open and headed over to Soggy Dollar Bar for some painkillers instead!  After another lovely afternoon, we decided since we have our local boaters card now, no reason to head back at 4 to go to US customs, so we stayed until 6PM. Wow, we pretty much had this place to ourselves execpt for a few sailboats that were anchoring there for the night. The place just cleared out at 4:30 PM.  Another note to self, stay here later! We just can't think of any real negatives when it comes to a day at JVD?

Up next: What to do in St Thomas when you are bored and a trip to the Rhone and Cooper Island, BVI.

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