Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boating Around the Entire Island of St Thomas

So what a better day to try out the new boat last Sunday, calm winds and sunny! How about a trip around the entire island of St Thomas? We have never done that before so why not. Usually the North Side is too rough as the Atlantic Ocean pounds that side. Not on Sunday, it was a lake out there!

We started out of Compass Point Marina, which is right near Secret Harbor and headed out!

Red Hook

Sapphire Beach 

Sapphire Beach 

Our house on the knoll in the center, tucked away in the trees

Mahogany Run

Hans Lolick

Magens Bay 

Magens Bay 

Outer and Inner Brass

Mermaid's Chair

Culebra, Puerto Rico

End of the Runway at St Thomas Airport


Homeymoon Beach, Water Island

Cocktail Time!

Louly III

Leaving Honeymoon Beach

Southside off of Frenchman's Bay

Back to Compass Point

The whole trip took about 2.5 hours to complete going at 26 knts of course with stops. We travelled 40.4 miles. If you ever get the chance to do it, it was certainly a good time! 


  1. MAGENS BAY is the correct spelling. A visitor or tourist usually makes the mistake of spelling it in so many different ways, but as a resident and real estate agent you should know how to spell it correctly.
    BTW beautiful photos.

  2. My RE Career is doomed! Can we meet up in St Johns to discuss? LOL!

    1. Ken, can you please email me at I was just in St Thomas a few weeks ago, and I have some questions about fire coral, I'm hoping you may help me. Thank you!

  3. you know the spelling pet peeves. Don't forget Lindbergh Bay. People drop the "h", including our local government.


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