Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday!

It is Friday again! Here is this week's edition of Happy Friday!

I don't think we will be doing any boating this weekend as our Black Lab, Chukar went in for his LAST heartworm shot today and is coming home tomorrow at noon, and we have to keep him calm and quiet! Blake our yellow lab just successfully completed his treatment, now poor Chukar. When we adopted both of these boys from a rescue group in North Carolina, Blake had tested positive for heartworm while Chukar didn't, that is it can take up to 6 months for the worms to show their presence, and they did. So yes, we are good dog owners and they don't have heartworm from while under our control. Let's not forgot to the VI dog owners, please have your pups on heartworm preventative!

Sunday we may sneak out to our new favorite place to watch football! Shenanigans at Megan's Point Resort. Have a little brunch next door at Simply Italian, which has the best $12 bottomless bloody marys and then to watch some football? Shenanigans has $2.50 Coors Lights and they are ice cold, flat screen TV's scratchcards when you buy a Coors Light, good bar food and fun people and staff! This place reminds me of The Caribbean Saloon and what it used to be 2 years ago.

As I watch the news down here and look on Facebook, I see many of you are having signs of Winter with some having snow and lots of complaining about the cold? Do me a favor, send some of that down our way? We have had such a hot Summer and it is still not over yet with each day hitting 90 and when I go to bed 82 with no trade wind breezes. So yes, you may be cold, but I am still sweating! If it gets too cold, come on down for a visit?

Have a good weekend, Go JETS and I leave you with a picture of Megans Bay from Drake's seat taken today!


  1. Thanks for the smile!! love your post and the pictures :-)

  2. My pleasure! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Wishing the best for Chukar. Love the posts, keep it up!


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