Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Friday!

Yes, I know it is Saturday, I forgot to post a Happy Friday!

With that being said, I think Halloween festivities here have finally come to end? There were parties last weekend, Thursday night (which is actually Halloween) and some last night.

We stuck to tradition and celebrated on Halloween! The dogs had fun!

We snuck out to Shenanigans Sports Bar to watch some football and have some fun! That is until the termites had a hatched and swarmed the bar! I ended winning the Halloween Contest, $50! 

I finally got the name on the new boat! 

Other than that, the Summer weather here has finally broke! It has been much cooler, with the trade winds back, only thing is it has been raining now for the last 3 days! But what a relief, I never thought that heat and humidity was going to end! 

I leave you with this week's picture, from Point Pleasant Resort! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. First off, THANK YOU! My boyfriend and I are planning on moving to the USVI (pre-move visit in a little over a month) with our three dogs and your blog has not only given us great advice, but has helped us feel hopeful about transporting our loved ones from Minnesota to St. Thomas. We will most definitely follow your advice by getting them on heartworm preventative (sorry to hear about your ill labs) and will be looking for sea urchins when they go swimming with us! We truly enjoy your blog and we hope we get the chance to run into one another once on the rock. Since you are in real estate, I will most definitely be reaching out to you regarding rentals for February, and will hopefully be purchasing a business and property shortly thereafter. Thanks again and keep up the good work! -- Lisa & Matt


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