Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Continuing to Pack Up for Move to St Thomas 3-20-12

I don't know how people can retire, I am getting very antsy?

I am down now to 14 listings of which all are now pending, so there is not much time needed for those properties. Both of my agents have moved on to other companies. We finished our last garage sale over a week ago, and funny how no one shows up at the end, even though most of the items were 50% off. We have still been selling our left over items on Craigslist (including our California King Bed, much to Shannon's dismay!). Made a trip to NV Humane Society to donate some pet items. The MS Society truck refused to come pick up our garage sale left overs as we were not on their map book, apparently an extra 5 miles was not worth it to them. We had the United Cerebal Palsay truck come instead!

So now I have room in the garage now to start packing up all our items we are bringing! Speaking of which, the container to move from Reno to St Thomas is going to cost about $18,000. Yikes! But after doing a cost analysis of selling our current stuff (we have learned from the garage sale that your stuff is not worth anything!) that the cost of replacing all our furniture, not to mention, the family heirlooms, was going to be more than the cost of the container. So I ordered our container to come on April 6th.

What we have found to be interesting is how many people hear you are moving away all of a sudden want to hang out with you, some you never hung out with for the last 3 years? We have been busy with our garage happy hours entertaining (and empying out our liquor cabinet) old friends.

Still trying to sell the Travel Trailer, no one has even looked at it? Lesson learned, don't ever buy a new camper, bought it new in 2006 for $22K. I have the price down to $11k and still no bites. The Honda CRV was held off the market for 2 weeks as my neighbor was going to buy it. He was going to sell his truck, but assured us if he didn't sell his truck he would buy it anyway. Well, he informed us yesterday that him buying was contingent on selling his truck. Translation: He isn't buying the CRV. Lesson learned here, don't trust your friends, get a non-refundable deposit no matter who they are.

We also thought it would be a good idea to get health checkups before we leave to make sure we are up to snuff (dogs are going today to their checkup). I went and results are back, borderline high cholesterol and vitamin D deficiency. I think it is safe to say I will be getting more exercise in the VI with my snorkel swims at Sapphire Beach and walks at Megan's Bay. Vitamin D deficiency requires more exposure to sunlight, hmmm, that will be tough in the VI?  Shannon goes in for her exam next week.

We have bought our one way ticket from Miami to St Thomas for April 26th. We can't believe how quick we are going to be there full time! We plan on leaving on April 10 or 11th from Reno, driving the Toyota Tacoma with the dogs to Miami. Here is the tentative itinrary:

Jackson Hole, WY to visit my new nephew Ryan and my sister Caryn.
Off to Laramie, WY to visit old frineds when we lived in Teton Valley, ID.
Independence, MO -  a night at a Motel 6.
Spending a day in Nashville, TN as we are country music fans.
Cedar Point, NC on the outer banks to visit my father.
Jacksonville, FL - drop the Tacoma off at the dock to be shipped to STT.
Rent a car and got on a plane in MIA.

First offical guest has booked their visit to St Thomas for May 26th. Larry, my well guy and his girlfriend are coming to stay in the apartment. I have a feeling we will be seeing many more friends and family in St Thomas then we ever did in Reno, most if any came once, and that was enough for them for a lifetime I guess?

Other than that, there really isn't much more to pack. I have been so used to working 6-7 days a week, that having this much down time, and I hate to admit it, but I am bored and ready to start our new brokerage in St Thomas. Which leads me back to, how do people retire? I need to be busy, and it is looking like I am never going to be able to retire!

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