Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Driving Across Country to Move to St Thomas USVI - 4-23-12

Well everything was packed up, cleaned up, items donated and what we are bringing was packed into the container that arrived! We have a 40 foot sea container that will be shipped to the Virgin Islands with our personal effects and furniture we wanted to bring! It will take about 6 weeks to arrive and ask me about the cost, which was very hard to swallow! Sold the camper at the last minute and the Honda.

After sleeping on mattresses on the floor for five days and eating off of paper plates on a makeshift table, we finally are going to hit the road on our cross country journey in our Toyota Tacoma which will be shipped from Jacksonville, FL, then rent a car to Miami, FL where we will fly with the dogs to St Thomas. On our last night, all of friends stopped by for our last happy hour in the garage!

Leaving on the road trip!

Our first night in Wells, NV at Motel6 (which never asks questions about our dogs, but we found a new chain called the Red Roof Inn).

Next day was our 3 day stop at my Sister's house in Teton Valley, ID (Victor, ID, Shannon and I lived here up the highway in Driggs, ID from 2000 - 2004). She and her Husband have a new baby boy and it was the first time for me to see my new nephew!

Next stop was to see some old friends who used to live in Driggs at their home in Laramie, WY.  We haven't seen them in 8 years!  They now have 3 kids.

Of course it had to snow while we were there, and yes this will probably be the last time our dogs see snow!

The next three days were in truck driving across country all the way to my father's house in Cedar Point, NC! We spent the night at Motel6 in Independence, MO, Nashville, TN and Charolette, NC.

Of course I had to stop at White Castle in MO, I haven't had one of their burgers in 18 years!

Nashville, TN at the honky tonks watching a great band, River City Gang. We both really liked Nashville, for dinner we were so sick of eating crap food we found a Whole Foods for their salad bar!

We went through Gatlinberg, TN through the Great Smokey Mtns, and I can see why it gets the name it does!

Finally we made it to NC and we were treated to temps in the mid 70's and a trip to the beach on the boat!

Next we will be driving to Jacksonville, FL to drop the Tacoma off at the dock for Sea Star Lines where it will be shipped. Rent a mini-van and down to Miami for the big flight. Should be fun considering that there are no rental cars available in St Thomas as it is Carnival. At least the temperature in Miami will be below 85 as over that the dogs can't fly!

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