Saturday, May 19, 2012

Life in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands - 1-12-12

Well Toyota 4Runner come, and no, there were no issues with the vehicle. All was the same as I had left it in Reno, NV, except greasy and this random glove on the passenger floor? Viking delivered it to me at the Airport where I have for the last time have given up my Hertz rental car. Wendy was sad and asked I stopped by and say hi whenever I was at the airport. Total cost for having my own car: $5200. Having my own car real value: PRICELESS. I know what I have, know its maintenance and its mine!

As I was driving down the hill to the airport to drop off the rental car, I saw a cruise ship docked at Havensight, it was the ship that Shannon and I first visited St Thomas in January 2009 the Norwegian Gem, the whole reason for how we ended up buying here! Karma?

Well, as I was driving from the airport to go home, Shannon called me about the conference call with our largest client in Reno, NV. They had said with NV bill AB 241, that it would 2-3 years before we would start seeing any new foreclosure inventory! I was like just as I had predicted, we have 30 of our 40 listed REO properties pending. The client was not going to seek judicial foreclosure, only non-judicial. It took me about 1 minute to decide to pull off to the DMV to get my driver's license as mine was expiring in NV in April and I think we both know what the writing is on the wall for NV.

So when you go to get your license, you walk in and there are all these windows with plexiglass, no real direction? So after asking, I finally made it to a window that asked for all my stuff. I showed it to her, she say, "go to cashier". Went to cashier and paid my $45 with my Mastercard and you go wait. So I waited for about 10 mins and then you step into this office. It was so crowded with a desktop pc, digital camera with a mini tripod, finger print machine, eye tester etc. The gal there was so nice, she first asked me, "Mr. Wiseman, how long have you REALLY lived here?" I was laughing, I said, "I honestly just had a whim that I would be living here full time after what happened today. We began talking and told her that I just lost 3 dogs in 4 months, these were our kids and needed a change after our client basically told us we'd be out of business. She was like, "I love my dogs too!" So we both spent about 20 minutes sharing dog stories and pictures from our IPhones!

Here is what you need for the license:

Social Security Card
Current US Driver License
Driving record for the state you live in (most have it available on-line, just print it out).

Ahhh, guess this is going to be home now! Won't mind with views like this from our home!

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