Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Afternoon in Cruz Bay, St John, Virgin Islands

Last weekend we wanted to do something new, a dog friendly beach with a beach bar.

Cruz Bay in St John has it.

We loaded up our dogs on our boat and headed out from St Thomas to Cruz Bay. We anchored up on the beach there.

We had a pleasant afternoon hanging out with the dogs in the water.

I started getting hungry. Well there are several bars that line the beach in Cruz Bay. So I started looking at all their lunch menus on my IPhone to see what we wanted. We settled on Joe's for a Gyro. I called in our order and walked over and picked it up 20 minutes later.

For desert, we chose a bushwhacker from the Beach Bar!

Oh, I forgot to mention, the boat next to us was the Hey Now. This boat is featured in the song by Kenny Chesney, Happy on the Hey Now, a Song for Kristi. Here is a video I took.

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