Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fishing in the Virgin Islands

Last weekend we went fishing with my father, George, who was here for a visit.

Back in February, the Abigail III had a 1/2 day fishing trip up for silent auction at the Humane Society of St Thomas annual dinner event. I was the lucky winner of the auction.

We left the dock at 12:30 on the nice boat, complete with a cabin with A/C, fridge stocked with beer, water and soda and a bathroom. We also had three fishing chairs. Captain Red had us out to the south drop in 30 minutes with a five mile trek from Sapphire Marina.

For the first hour we trolled around at about 7.5 knots, looking for birds on the South Drop off of French Cap and St John. We found a piece of floating trash and low and behold, we were in luck.

April and May are known for the best season for Mahi and we hit a school!  Everyone had multiple chances to reel in fish and then the Wahoo started coming in! After about 2 hours, our frenzy was over.  Trolled for a little while longer

and back to the dock by 5:30 PM.

I love Wahoo, it makes a great fish for sushi, and for safety, I freeze mine over night. Here is the result of our catch, Wahoo Rolls!

Abigail III was a great day of fishing and thanks to Captain Red and his wife for their donation to the Humane Society!  They offer 1/2 day fishing charters starting at $800 with full day Marlin trips and up to six people. For more info, please contact them here

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