Friday, May 31, 2013

Owning a Home in the Virgin Islands - Pool

A few months ago our pool pump started making a loud screeching noise. Two missed attempts by the pool service company to come out and take a look failed (did they forget about me? Who knows). The noise eventually subsided.

Then a few weeks ago, the pool turned a yellow green! Yellow algae infestation, treated by Yellow Out and Shock along with running the pump for 24 hours.

Well, for this pump, a 24 hour run meant death. The noise started again, getting to the point that even sitting inside the house, the noise was unbearable. I went to the pump closet and shut it off. Gave it an hour went back and all it did was hum. Great, and this just when the boat low unit had issues.

Called the pool service company again, he is too busy right now and not taking on any new customers until September. He told me to take the pump in Poly Caribe, a pump company on island.

Oh ok, well the plumbing in the closet is a series of cut and patch PVC. Ahh, but I figured out that I could disassemble the pump right behind the filter basket and just take the motor in after I un-wired it.

Off to Poly Caribe. They were great they had me a new motor with the old impeller done in 24 hours.

I re-installed it myself and turned it back on, all for only $425!

Moral of the story here;

A) If you are not a handy person here, owning a home can be frustrating as finding good help is a challenge. If you are not handy, nor patient and subsequently suffer from both, I would not recommend living here.

B) If you are a pool pump person in the US and have thought about moving here, I can't see why you wouldn't do well? You can always certainly buy a house from me too!

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