Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BVI Departure Fees to Increase in August and Swim Area on Jost Van Dyke?

Yes, you heard this right, the British Virgin Islands is raising their departure tax from $5 to $20 for non-residents, and this includes ferry, charters and private boats. This new fee begins on August 1, 2013.

Here is the story.

Maybe yet another reason to just stay in US waters?

What I find amazing is that the US does not charge anything for customs? I mean really, if the BVI is going to charge $20 a person then why don't we charge a BVI resident $20 for departure tax out of our country? I guess our government has no economic issues?

I also heard a rumor over the weekend that they were going to be installing a swim area on White Bay (Soggy Dollar Bar) so that the boats cannot park on the beach anymore? The reason Soggy Dollar Bar is called Soggy Dollar was because you had to swim to shore and your dollars got wet. I guess they don't want the boats at their beach anymore?

The reason why most USVI residents and tourists go over to Jost is because you can pull right up to the beach.  You see the USVI does not like boaters as there is really no where on the islands of St Thomas or St John where you can pull up to the beach, well two exceptions I know of, Honeymoon Beach on Water Island and Cruz Bay in St John.

Could this be the end to White Bay on Jost as we know it?  Has anyone else heard of this rumor?

Update 7-29-13 : Confirmed with BVI Customs yesterday, this will not affect private boats, only charters and ferries.

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  1. Tings not fair, mehson! Get used to it.


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