Friday, July 12, 2013

St John Carnival

It is already a week gone by, but the annual St John Carnival is held every 4th of July!

Although the St John Carnival is no where near as big as the St Thomas Carnival (which is held at the end of April), it is a more low key carnival that is just as much fun!

Since Shannon is not a big crowd, loud music and hot temperature street fair kind of person, I hopped onto the ferry from St Thomas over to meet a friend for the Carnival!  I met him and some friends over at Mongoose Junction and watch from the former La Plancha restaurant.

After some cold beers and only one native rum, we ended up with our own troupe, The Jellyfish Troupe, but what we really  didn't realize was that the carnival had ended about an hour later, maybe next year?

For lunch I was told there was some great Gyro's, well unless they are authentic Greek Gyro's I am kind of like yea ok, but I was told these were great by the jellyfish above. I gave it a whirl, and the Honey Shack at the food vendors had a Greek woman cooking with her two sons serving!  The Gyro was to die for! It was so good, before I went back to St Thomas I went back and got another Gyro, Spanokapeta and Falafel to bring home to share with Shannon.  I guess the woman does Greek food at one of the hotels over on St John on Monday nights?

If you made it over to Carnival this year or maybe in years past, what did you think?  Send me your pictures and I may post some of them! 

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