Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kenny Chesney When I See This Bar

I wrote about speculation of which bar Kenny Chesney was singing about in the song "When I See This Bar" (you can see that post here).  I thought it was Ivan's Stress Free Bar on White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.  I was right, but the new video came out today and not only is Ivan's in the video but a host of others.

I have been to all of the ones in the video.  Here is a break down of those bars.

Willy T

Ivan's Stress Free Bar

 Foxy himself! 


Who is famous in this picture?  (hint - Butt Fumble)

Soggy Dollar Bar, JVD (I think that may be my boat at 2:40 into the video?)

Latitude 18 - Red Hook STT

 One Love on Christmas

Woody's (this is where he is sitting down with the guitar) STJ (Notice they whited out the top of the sign in the video?)

Quiet Mon STJ

Beach Bar STJ

 Customs Dock, JVD

Chasing that sun and following his heart. 
Yeah, that's what I see 
When I see this bar. 

Some are still living the dream, 
Stuck in still life it seems. 
No matter where they've been, 
Or where they are, 
Yeah, I see 'em here 
When I see this bar. 
When I see this bar. 

Here is the video, see if I missed any bars?  

I am still Living the Dream, why aren't you?


  1. Awesome..can't wait to get

  2. The song is written about Ivans but, it is really about a period of time. The Hey Days of St. John when all the friends were still there and we shared each others hopes and dreams. As a main lander, I was only ever a visitor but, I will never forget the best years of our lives spent each Summer at these bars and on the Hey Now! Kenny has been a good friend for over 20 years. He is one of the most caring and genuine people you could ever meet. Although he was already a great person when we met him on his first trip to St. John, the islands transformed his soul, as it did all of us.

    Now, when we visit, it is a bit different. I still catch myself looking at certain spots in town and expecting to see him sitting with a Pain Killer. I feel a bit sad that it is filled with people I don't know. The I turn the corner by the Beach Bar and Kenny jumps on my back and yells "watch do'in Brother". Time stands still and, for a few hours at least, we are back.

    By the way, you have done a great job capturing the island feeling on the blog. Keep it coming Brother. I may not be there until next Summer but, I live like a Pirate every day!

    Smile...You are in Paradise
    Miss you Christy

  3. Looks lovely wow beautiful!!! Glad your living your dream... may God bless you. I hope one day i can go out thier. Funny story when i was young i tild my mom i was going ti marry Kenny chesney lol. Went to his consert he said something forgot what it was but sonething like does anyone want to come home with me i yelled yes... lol.. Then got married had two kids a girl and a boy which are now teenagers. But when we got a divorce do to bad abuse, i saw that American Idol was coming to my town so i signed up vut jokeing telling my mom if I make it i will meet Kenny Chesney and he will fall in live with me and i will marry him lol. Of course that did not happen... but hey at least i can say i did try right??? To be young and crazy... but the place looms great....

    1. Oh it me again. But in all honesty its to bad people dont leave Kenny chesney alone though. He is a normal person like all of us you know.... when he does come down im sure he goes to get away from all that crap in the first place...


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