Sunday, September 8, 2013

Football in the Virgin Islands!

So you are thinking that if you move to the Virgin Islands, your favorite season, football, will be missed? That is not the case! As the NFL gets ready for the first Sunday of the season there are plenty of options for you here!

At home I get Dish TV just as if I were in the states. Only added benefit is that I can get the major network feeds from NYC and San Francisco in addition to the 4 networks I get out of Puerto Rico's local networks. That sometimes gives me 3 different games on at anytime! I also get all of the ESPN channels, CBS Sports Network, Fox Sports Network and PAC 12 Network, perfect for watching college ball and my very own Colorado Buffaloes!

Fantasy football? I belong to a league here.

Sports bars to watch the game with friends and strangers? Check, have that covered with some great sports bars, we  have Hooters by Havensight where the cruise ships come in. Their A/C is probably the best! There is Shipwreck right down the street. In Red Hook, Island Time Pub has two TV's and you can watch the game while watching the boats in the Marina or head to the other side of the complex and there is Molly Mallone's with TV's and specials.

We also have other establishments that do football specials, one of my favorites being Island Time Pub in Red Hook has 2-4-1 pizzas during Monday Night Football and our very own Beer Club is doing specials too!

So don't let Football be an excuse not  to come to the Virgin Islands, and besides come December there is no need for you to bring your football hoody here, it will still be warm, like a Super Bowl party that is an indoor/outdoor party with shorts to boot! 

Enjoy the first Sunday 2013, I know we will rooting for our sad excuse of a team! 

Update 9-29-13: Caribbean Saloon: We have tried for a few weekends to go here but have been overall dissapointed. This a few years ago used to be the go to place with great A/C and food. Not anymore, it is cooler outside, food is not so great and even if you have many fans there to watch their favorite team, they tell you, "sorry we put on the game on the big screen with sound to whichever team has the most fans" which is not always true....

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