Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend in the Virgin Islands

Well, the end of Summer is here marked by that holiday known as Labor Day. Not that it really matters as it is Summer here year round.

September has to be one of my favorite months here in the Virgin Islands. First off, it is the start of football season. But most importantly, it is the height of hurricane season, which means that no one will come and visit this time of year even though the weather is really nice (last major storm was Marilyn in 1995) and as I sit here, there is a 13 mph breeze, 85 degrees at 1 PM and mostly sunny. All the WAFI's (Moorings, SunSail and other charter companies) are not sailing this time of year. What does this mean to us? Well, you can have most of the mooring fields and beaches to yourself.

So what to do on Labor Day Weekend? Spend Saturday getting all your household chores done, swimming in the pool with the dogs and catching some college ball.

Then on Sunday you head over to the Capella Islands or Buck Island National Wildlife Preserve. Not to be confused with the Buck Island in St Croix. These little islands are the ones you can see from the Marriott Resort when you look to the East and if you have ever stayed at the Marriott and done one of their snorkel tours, this is where they bring you. There is an old lighthouse on the island.

Then watch the Colorado Buffaloes beat Colorado State with an old school buddy. 

And on Monday, Labor Day you head on over to Jost Van Dyke and the Soggy Dollar Bar for a little RnR. This time, it was just the wife and I for a quiet relaxing day. We were surprised at how many neighbors to West were here to visit (I will have a whole other post on this, more like a rant). Mic the bartender was off, he has Mondays and Tuesdays off.  It was really surprising to see no rental sailboats around and the overall day was really quiet there. You had two St Thomas Frat Party boats blaring their house music, Visitors from the West, the two o'clock Bad Kitty/Breakaway tourist stops and a couple of other private boats. You know it is September when you get your Roti in 5 minutes from when you ordered it?

The best part of the day was around 4PM, everyone left and we were there with 8 other people! That was amazing, not to mention the ride home, which always brings me to play Adios to Jost when we pull out of White Bay.

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