Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

So far no tropical storms and the Saharan Dust has been in force all week!

On this Friday, I am going to give you some of our ways with our locally elected and government workers. Although somewhat funny, some of these stories want to make me puke? Again you cannot make this shit up?

Accused Police Sergeant Allowed to Work Pending Outcome of Trial
Angelo Hill, the V.I. Police sergeant indicted earlier this year for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking ring, has been allowed to go back to work at his family's car rental business pending the outcome of the case.

Former Schneider CEO Convicted of Tax Fraud
A federal jury convicted Rodney Miller Sr., former CEO of Schneider Regional Medical Center, of tax fraud on Wednesday after a two-day trial in district court on St. Thomas.

ST. THOMAS ­- After months of dodging its initial agreement to do so, the Economic Development Authority furnished an updated list of delinquent borrowers.
The list of 210 names sent Friday represents $6.4 million in delinquent loans made through the former Small Business Development Authority and the Government Development Bank since 1982.
However, the list still does not include many of the names or amounts referenced in an audit by the V.I. Inspector General's Office released in April that found Economic Development Authority's 2010 loan portfolio had a delinquency rate of 84.5 percent and that the Virgin Islands was owed about $8.5 million. The Economic Development Authority had lost millions of taxpayer dollars through negligent, insecure lending practices and through improper administration of its nine lending programs, the report stated.

WTJX hires convicted felon Marc Biggs

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ST. CROIX - Former V.I. Property and Procurement Commissioner Marc Biggs, who is on home confinement as the remaining months on his federal prison sentence for accepting bribes wind down, has landed another V.I. government job.
Biggs, 48, went to work Monday as the facilities coordinator on St. Croix for WTJX, the Virgin Islands Public Television System, according to V.I. Public Television System Chief Executive Officer Osbert Potter.

Getting our FIRST Walgreens and the grand opening is going to be like Carnival! 

Walgreens opens Saturday morning

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ST. THOMAS - Get in line.
Walgreens is expecting a mad rush Saturday morning as the national drug store chain opens its doors to the Virgin Islands for the first time.
The store is celebrating its grand opening with a Carnival-style parade at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, in which the St. Thomas Majorettes, the Ivanna Eudora Kean High School marching band and color guard and the Infernos Carnival Troupe will perform.
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This one makes me laugh, anyone want some cans of noodles....will make you feel noodley?

Police arrest man after finding 136 pounds of pot inside noodle cans at King Airport

ST. THOMAS - V.I. police discovered more than 136 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside 68 La Choy Chow Mein Noodle cans Thursday at King Airport.
Police arrested Trevor Dolphin, who had just arrived on an American Airlines flight from Miami, after they received an anonymous phone tip.
Dolphin, who appeared Friday in V.I. District Court for his advice-of-rights hearing, is being charged with distribution of marijuana in excess of 50 kilograms after admitting to having dealt marijuana on St. Thomas for more than a year and a half, according to court documents.

Oh no where are we going to put our shit?

Bovoni landfill will reach full capacity in a matter of months

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ST. THOMAS ­- The Bovoni landfill is in danger of bursting at the seams, Waste Management Authority Executive Director May Adams Cornwall said Wednesday.
At the same time, an $18 million request from the Waste Management Authority could have the same impact on the government's budget, as it was not accounted for by the governor's financial team in their presentation to the 30th Legislature, according to Sen. Clifford Graham, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
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This is the one that makes me want to PUKE!  I can't believe this is an elected senator, and makes comments that she never says no and it is ok for a husband to rape his wife? Cultural differences here or just plain stupidity?

Section: Local news
Sep 11 2013 - 5:22pm
... of sexual assault and rape, Sen. Alicia "Chucky" Hansen said she did not understand how sex between spouses can be rape, before ... "That is correct," Hodge-Jack said. Hansen announced she did not understand how a wife could be raped by a husband. ...

Yes, you cannot make this shit up. But then again, this kind of crap goes on no matter where you live? 

Have a great weekend! I am going to enjoy going out on the boat and enjoy the beaches to myself since this is September! 

Have a great weekend, I still have a JETS hangover.....


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