Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

It is time for this week's Happy Friday!

Smith Bay had a mini carnival on Labor Day. They put the colored flags out with light bulbs. Here it is almost and October and I thought I would give a status update of the flags/bulbs:

Might as well through out the flags now as they are pretty shredded! Soon come down?

Anyone want two dressers? We moved these down from Reno, Nevada, where the average humidity was 25%. How are they holding up here? They have expanded so bad that you can't get the drawers open! I shaved the wood down several months ago to come back to the same conclusion, these are just like large dehumidifiers, the drawers have locked up once again! I think I am going to re home them at the dumpster. If you are thinking of moving down here, my advice would be to save the money and buy new stuff down here! Good news though, there is always someone moving and selling their furniture that is island adjusted, so the new re-homed ones come this weekend!

Yes it is not even October yet and we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving coming, but it is Christmas season in the Virgin Islands! 

Yes, at Home Depot we already have the Christmas section up! Ho Ho Ho!!!!

We are boatless this weekend, yes sold our boat the Louly 2. It was nice using you girl and thanks for the memories! I know we will see her around as she is going to be part of a charter boat fleet! I don't know what I am going to do with myself?  It has been almost a year and a half now owning a boat here and we rarely ever skipped a weekend day on our boat. Good thing we have football! Speaking of which Colorado beat Oregon State and Jets beat Tennessee!

I also found a nice home for one of my tenant clients! Congrats on your new place Angela and Brian! Don't forgot I am here for all of your St Thomas real estate needs! Our logo is on the right, just click on there! 

Have a wonderful weekend and for those of you north of Latitude 18, enjoy a nice Fall Weekend! I leave you with this weeks photos!

 Happy Friday! 


  1. Beautiful photos. I lived in STT during the 70's and middle 80's. I was in St. Kitts for the early 80's. Now in Denver, but will be down for Thanksgiving. The islands never leave your blood. Thanks for the entry. Micky

  2. Were these taken on the hill overlooking Sapphire? Beautiful!


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