Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Skiing Chile in the Summer! Part II

Day 1 continued:

After arriving in the city of Chillan, the last city before you head up to Nevados de Chillan, we stopped in at their version of a Super Wal - Mart, Jumbo. It is on the right about 2 miles from where you exit Ruta 5.

It was about 5:30 and we walked in to much of a surprise, a clean and well organized store, something we are not used to here in the Virgin Islands! It was fun to see the cultural differences:

  • One aisle dedicated to yogurt
  • eggs were not refrigerated
  • fresh produce
  • one aisle dedicated to hot dogs! 
  • lots of fresh seafood and meats
  • large section of breads or hockey pucks as I call them
  • not very much in the way of potato chips or salty snacks
  • tons of cookies
  • not much in the way of beer but plenty of wine and pisco. 
  • Many items that are liquid come in pouches?

We then made our way through chaotic Chillan and made our way up to the village of Las Trancas which is about an hour and fifteen minute drive, at least we thought. 

All of a sudden about 30 minutes along in the countryside, there are a bunch of cones we came up to with one lane closed. Behind all of these cones was a little guard shack. Road was down to one lane due to road construction. No signs saying the road would be closed or a lighted arrow? Nope nothing, here it is dark out and the cones pop up out of no where. We waited about 15 mins before we could go and as soon as we came out of that, it starts snowing! Glad I rented the 4Runner! After dodging numerous large pot holes through the slush, we finally arrived at our destination at 8:30 PM. 

We stayed at Cabanas Los Andes for 6 nights, and loved it! We had a two bedroom cabin with kitchen, fire wood, and a carport! There was always hot water for a shower and was only 15 minutes from the ski resort. We payed $150/night. Stuart, the owner is from England and he lives there with his wife and their dog Brian. Although there is not wifi in the cabin, you can go up and use the lounge and the main house. It was scary at first not being able to use my electronic device, but we weened ourselves off. Stuart was great and loved sharing stories with him. 

I grilled up some Chillean Sausages and had some wine with our wood stove and we crashed! 

This is what we woke up to:

Yes it was going to be a powder day!

We slept in as we had just did a red-eye and planned on doing a half day! On our way to the mountain!

Stay tuned for the first day of skiing and the Three Big Accidents! 

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