Thursday, September 19, 2013

Look Who Is Back on the Rock?

Kenny Chesney posted this picture today on Facebook.

This was taken leaving the Red Hook Marina on St Thomas with St John in the background.

I went out on my patio to see if it was really taken at that moment.

St John is on the right above the damn house that is below us. I would say that looking at the cloud formations, it is true, Kenny is back on the Rock! Welcome back Kenny, sporting the new beard!

Someday, maybe I will get to meet him? Maybe the reason why he still comes back here is that everyone is the same and no one stalks him? Cheers to a shot of rum!


  1. Flew in at 10:38 am, took a taxi to Crown bay and boarded this vessel....

  2. I wonder why they were in Red Hook then?

  3. He parks his boat in Red Hook


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