Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tropical Storms in September in the Virgin Islands!

Here is the reason why most folks don't come down to visit in September.

Let's see, so far this Summer:

August 2013 ended as the 4th wettest August on record with 7.69 inches.

Summer 2013 ended as the 3rd wettest summer on record with 16.36 inches.

Fun times in the heart of hurricane season! This storm is not named yet, but just swirling around us. So far rain gauge says 1.75 inches of rain today and the office ceiling collapsed from some leak...cistern wind, just rain, rain, rain! 

As I was writing this it just became Tropical Depression 7! 

Although it will be to the East of us, we will still being a ton of rain. 

Good news is this will only last a few days and then we will have our beaches all to ourselves again, and at least it isn't a wildfire?


  1. I think you meant to the "West of us"


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